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Knjiga: CATS LIFE, Autor: Jane Burton , ISBN: 9788854403925  | Naslovna strana | Knjižare Vulkan


  • Autor: Jane Burton
  • Izdavač:
  • Na sajtu od: 13.08.2012.
  • ISBN: 9788854403925
  • Godina izdanja: 2012
  • Broj strana: 235
  • Povez: Tvrd
  • Pismo: Latinica
Ubaci u listu želja Nema na stanju
People are passionate about their cats. We pamper them, we indulge them, and we often attribute to them characteristics that are - let's face it - even more remarkable than their already remarkable actual attributes. This delightful collection of magnificent studio photographs celebrates all that is wonderful about cats, and there's much to celebrate - hence its satisfyingly large format! Divided into chapters organized by moods and expressions, these photographs depict the many faces of our favourite felines. From the sultry gaze of a sinuous Siamese to the disdainful glare of a purebred Persian, from the steady concentration of a cat poised to pounce to the pointy-eared charm of a still awkward kitten, cats spring to life in these superbportraits. Throughout the book, captions introduce us to each cat by name and provide a sentiment uncannily well-matched to the portrait above.

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