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FASHION 226572
Fashion + Technology You've seen it on the runway and the red carpet - clothing and access...
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FASHION 296660
The 1960s saw a revolution in fashion that was born, like most things new and hip in that ...
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FASHION 295121
The Design Museum and fashion guru Paula Reed present Fifty Fashion Looks that Changed the...
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FASHION 297499
A stunning photography book looking at the history of buttons from around the world. Featu...
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FASHION 329431
This inspirational book features over 35 master jewelry designers, organized alphabetic...
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FASHION 329429
Contemporary Menswear presents in-depth profiles of more than 50 of the designers, labe...
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FASHION 329420
Men’s jewelry has a long and fascinating history, with storied houses, famous patrons a...
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FASHION 329412
Revealing the elaborate embroidery, intricate pleats and daring cuts that make up some ...
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FASHION 329712
The 50 key modes, garments, and designers, each explained in half a minute! Even if yo...
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FASHION 328003
A visual bible for fashion illustrators and graphic designers, giving an unprecedented var...
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FASHION 326813
Statistics show that the average woman owns 20 pairs of shoes and more than half of them a...
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FASHION 326811
An indispensable accessory as well as a key fashion statement, the handbag is portable bou...
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FASHION 325594
Featuring 75 of the world's most legendary designers, this book presents the story of f...
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FASHION 274877
This much-anticipated sequel to the classic volume Sneakers: The Complete Collectors’ G...
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FASHION 325581
Womenswear progresses in leaps and bounds, fuelled by the readiness of women to wear wh...
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FASHION 325578
Fashion Drawing is a comprehensive, practical guide to fashion drawing for students of ...
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FASHION 325572
Technical Drawing for Fashion explains how to create a technical fashion drawing using a s...
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FASHION 325565
An understanding of trends is a fundamental skill for anyone working in the fashion indust...
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FASHION 325563
A visual feast of 400 dazzling images, this is a comprehensive survey of the genre over th...
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FASHION 325560
Classic workwear, sports and military clothing in a new mini format. Curated by connoisseu...
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FASHION 325609
This book documents in pictures the most exciting and diverse period in fashion: from 1...
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FASHION 320861
This is the story of streetwear. King ADZ and Wilma Stone recount how a long line of su...
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FASHION 303820
Celebrate the world's most dazzling jewels and gemstones with this glamorous guide to j...
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FASHION 318199
This book showcases the fashion sketches of sixty contemporary fashion designers, selected...
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