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Autor : Susie Hodge
Why are some designs more successful and influential than others? WHAT MAKES GREAT DESIGN ...
1.215,50 RSD
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1.430,00 RSD
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Autor : Martin Bailey
Starry Night is a fully illustrated account of Van Gogh's time at the asylum in Saint-R...
3.048,10 RSD
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3.586,00 RSD
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Autor : James Hobbs
Pen & Ink is packed with page after page of bite-sized creative sketching tips and accessi...
1.589,50 RSD
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1.870,00 RSD
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Autor : Patrick Bade
Gustav Klimt at Home explores the influences of Vienna and other places Klimt travelled to...
3.272,50 RSD
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3.850,00 RSD
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Autor : Andy Pankhurst
Why do some artworks stand out head and shoulders above others? Exceptional art somehow...
1.234,20 RSD
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1.452,00 RSD
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Autor : Helena Attlee
In Japanese gardens, visitors find nature condensed and brought to perfection. Trees are t...
1.916,75 RSD
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2.255,00 RSD
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HISTORY 275869
For 300 years, from the ninth to the eleventh centuries, the power of the Vikings domin...
2.477,75 RSD
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2.915,00 RSD