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HISTORY 340068
A readable history of the war, this text features expert commentary on the political and e...
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HISTORY 340067
This wide-ranging book begins with the state of Europe before the war then embarks on four...
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HISTORY 339099
From the dawn of humankind to today's global complexities, this monumental volume prese...
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HISTORY 333190
Explore the lives and achievements of more than 85 of the world's most inspirational and i...
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HISTORY 330497
The New Silk Roads - a brand new book by Peter Frankopan - takes a fresh look at the netwo...
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HISTORY 331599
Without a doubt, one event in the history of Native Americans overshadows all others in it...
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HISTORY 329394
The lunar landing, the Watergate break-in, the release of Nelson Mandela, the death of Pri...
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HISTORY 328054
See history as it happened - from the evolution of early humans to the space race - with 1...
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HISTORY 326824
"Swords and Hilt Weapons" is the most comprehensive guide to nearly 4,000 years of sword m...
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HISTORY 326775
From the fury of the Punic Wars to the icy waters of Dunkirk, relive more than 3,000 years...
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HISTORY 325513
Learn everything you need to know about the first war to shake the world and change the co...
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HISTORY 321088
The first book to convey the full experience of what it was actually like to be pharaoh on...
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HISTORY 295095
Between the eighth and eleventh centuries, the Vikings surged from their Scandinavian home...
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HISTORY 320923
Human history - from the empires of the ancient world to the superpowers of the 21st centu...
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HISTORY 313191
A truly global view of history covering over 350 of the world's most important turning poi...
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HISTORY 311726
Progress is not just a goal in the West—it's a religion. Most people believe in its inh...
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HISTORY 308443
More reliable than Herodotus and more upbeat than The Book of the Dead, this is the essent...
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HISTORY 307169
For centuries, fame and fortune were to be found in the west – in the New World of the ...
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HISTORY 299439
The bloodiest conflict in human history was not decided by the actions of an enlightene...
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HISTORY 307181
The Vietnam War is the definitive illustrated history of the world's first televised war. ...
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HISTORY 305956
This is an essential introduction to understanding and interpreting heraldry for novices, ...
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HISTORY 305930
This is an in-depth illustrated chronicle of the rise and fall of one of history's most se...
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HISTORY 303817
From the formation of our universe to the present day, countless major events have changed...
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HISTORY 299018
Travel back in time with the latest instalment in the bestselling Big Ideas series. The H...
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