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Man's best friend, his most loyal companion, and trusted partner. Have you ever looked int...
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Originally valued for their ability to hunt vermin, cats and humans function very well tog...
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Che is the story of the man behind the famous photograph—a richly illustrated biography...
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There are over 300 different breeds of horse in the world today and they are used for a va...
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Survivors: Battlefield Relics of World War II tells the stories of some of the massive ...
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Discover the lifestyles, habitats, and behaviors of the animal kingdom as you’ve never ...
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Whether you're strumming campfire cords or shredding on a Flying V, Learn Guitar is an exc...
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Relive the magic of classic fairy tales in this beautifully illustrated edition. For cent...
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Poe is viewed as the ultimate doomed romantic whose last days are shrouded in sordid myste...
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Nikola Tesla today is largely unknown and overlooked among the great scientists of the mod...
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Despite being incredibly popular during his time, Nikola Tesla today remains largely overl...
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Muscle cars are loud, proud, and in your face, with no other pretensions than to be just t...
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H.P. Lovecraft was virtually unknown during his lifetime and only published his stories in...
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This is the most authoritative and comprehensive reference work on the full range of guita...
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For more than 75 years, through countless comics, television, and movies, Batman has be...
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Wonder Woman, warrior princess of the Amazons, is among the most famous heroes of all time...
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