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FILM 329701
Updated and expanded for a new edition, this is the perfect starter text for students o...
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FASHION 329693
Designed for both students and professionals, Pattern Cutting for Menswear offers a com...
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FASHION 329438
The ultimate repertoire of wit and wisdom from fashion’s sharpest pin Karl Lagerfeld is...
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Filled with open practice pages, creative exercises, and art prompts, The Little Book of L...
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DESIGN 331739
From the restorative retreat of a palm-lined beach to the brisk breeze of Bridlington, ...
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Designed for both beginners and experts alike, Practical Photography: How to Shoot Like a ...
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FILM 331908
How to explain the enduring appeal of the The Godfather film and its two sequels? This bo...
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A Chronology of Photography presents a fresh perspective on the medium by taking a purely ...
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A monograph, manual and manifesto by one of the world’s leading graphic designers. Prot...
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FASHION 297499
A stunning photography book looking at the history of buttons from around the world. Featu...
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Photography Visionaries is an inspiring guide to 75 of the most influential photographers ...
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The ideal starting point for digital camera users, this best-selling photography book expl...
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FASHION 329431
This inspirational book features over 35 master jewelry designers, organized alphabetic...
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FASHION 329407
From Eve's fig leaf to Hilary Clinton's pantsuit, the way we choose to clothe our bodie...
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Is photography art, documentary or both? Should images simply reveal the world we live in,...
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FILM 329398
With more than 1.75 million copies sold worldwide in thirty languages, 1001 Movies You Mus...
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This book showcases textile and surface design by some of the most exciting up-and-coming ...
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FASHION 329429
Contemporary Menswear presents in-depth profiles of more than 50 of the designers, labe...
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FASHION 329420
Men’s jewelry has a long and fascinating history, with storied houses, famous patrons a...
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FASHION 329412
Revealing the elaborate embroidery, intricate pleats and daring cuts that make up some ...
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FASHION 329712
The 50 key modes, garments, and designers, each explained in half a minute! Even if yo...
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DESIGN 329699
The skull is one of the most recognisable symbols of today’s contemporary visual cultur...
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Now in its second edition, this wide-ranging, seminal text offers an accessible account...
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