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Revival Type is a collection of contemporary digital fonts with origins in the past. Ex...
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Due to the prevalence of social media, photography has become an essential means of exp...
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Calligraphy literally translates as ‘beautiful writing’; it is a traditional skill in m...
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FILM 333375
Andrey Tarkovsky was the most important Russian filmmaker of the post-war era, and one ...
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FILM 333326
We know him best for his unforgettable roles on Monty Python - from the Flying Circus to T...
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This book frames typography as a system of interrelated concerns as much as it summarizes ...
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The Evolution of Type takes the reader on a journey through the development of type design...
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FILM 333242
‘Some people think it’s very clever and intelligent, and some people say it’s extremely...
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This substantially revised edition of Lewis Blackwell’s classic study provides an up-to...
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Min explores the current rebirth of simplicity in graphic design. As creatives enter in...
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FILM 287401
Woody Allen is a uniquely innovative performer, writer and director with nearly fifty movi...
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DESIGN 305912
This title offers 20 charming ideas for creating beautiful displays shown in more than 130...
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FASHION 295121
The Design Museum and fashion guru Paula Reed present Fifty Fashion Looks that Changed the...
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FILM 329701
Updated and expanded for a new edition, this is the perfect starter text for students o...
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FASHION 329693
Designed for both students and professionals, Pattern Cutting for Menswear offers a com...
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Filled with open practice pages, creative exercises, and art prompts, The Little Book of L...
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DESIGN 331739
From the restorative retreat of a palm-lined beach to the brisk breeze of Bridlington, ...
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FILM 331908
How to explain the enduring appeal of the The Godfather film and its two sequels? This bo...
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A monograph, manual and manifesto by one of the world’s leading graphic designers. Prot...
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Why are some photographs so much more effective and powerful than others? What Makes Gr...
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DESIGN 330294
Back in 2002, Simon "Woody" Wood was dreaming up schemes to get free sneakers. Two week...
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Photography Visionaries is an inspiring guide to 75 of the most influential photographers ...
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The ideal starting point for digital camera users, this best-selling photography book expl...
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