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FOOD & DRINK 322926
Learning to make and decorate cakes that are as beautiful as they are delicious can be a c...
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The Language of Graphic Design provides design students and practitioners with an in-de...
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FOOD & DRINK 328267
Find out in Wine: A No-Snob Guide, the perfect pairing for the budding wine enthusiast....
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Get the most out of your training time while learning foundation skills with 10-Minute Dog...
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FOOD & DRINK 325522
Learn to make the perfect cup of coffee that tastes as good as it looks! Armed with no mor...
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The Pocket Universal Principles of Art is a portable but still comprehensive reference for...
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The Woodworker’s Studio Handbook offers readers a comprehensive and accessible guide to...
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FOOD & DRINK 322934
Tired of the sporadic and outdated food holidays that were quietly celebrated each year...
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DESIGN 322933
Exhibiting cutting-edge designs from the most sought-after and acclaimed contemporary tatt...
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Go beyond the horizon with Perspective Sketching. This book offers a command of the basic ...
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The Graphic Design Reference & Specification Book should always be next to a designer's co...
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If you're looking to build a new deck or remodel the one you have, you want to start by sp...
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Proizvodi 318814
Understanding Autism is the essential reference for parents and care givers of children...
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Design School: Type is an in-depth guide to the rules and practices of typography, you’...
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The Classics Reimagined series is a library of stunning collector's editions of unabridged...
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Architecture is an art form that provides both function and beauty. Each architect brings ...
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Horses are the epitome of grace, power, and freedom. They also have an ability to touch ou...
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From riverbeds to beaches, cliff faces to fields, unearth Earth's most precious rocks, min...
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FOOD & DRINK 302964
Learn to decorate cookies in over 80 different animal styles. This book also includes reci...
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MUSIC 288386
Although their career with their wild and unpredictable frontman lasted barely six years, ...
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FOOD & DRINK 309489
Barbara Unković has always been drawn to the land of her father, the sun-soaked Croatia...
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A follow-up to Rockport Publishers’ best-selling Universal Principles of Design, a new ...
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FASHION 302959
A new fun format for Quarry's best-selling 20 Ways to Draw a Dress and 44 Other Fabulous F...
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