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MUSIC 340258
Sell-out tours in packed stadiums, records going platinum on preorders alone, three-hour l...
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MUSIC 340218
Here She Comes Now brings together some of America’s best music writers – such as Susan...
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MUSIC 340217
Collected here for the first time are the fruits of his labour. A Little History is an ext...
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MUSIC 340210
In Girl in a Band Kim Gordon, founding member of Sonic Youth and role model for a generati...
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MUSIC 340077
Led Zeppelin: The Heaviest Band of all Time documents the incredible journey of four talen...
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MUSIC 340076
This book provides a basic introduction to the instrument and music-making skills, staff n...
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MUSIC 340071
On May 11, 1981, a little after 11.30 in the morning, Bob Marley died. The man who introdu...
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MUSIC 340070
Written in 1966, ‘Tarantula’ is a collection of poems and prose that evokes the turbule...
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MUSIC 321417
Many millions of words have already been written about Guns N' Roses, the old line-up, the...
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MUSIC 339140
BTS are much more than just a K-Pop phenomenon, they are a band acclaimed for their record...
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MUSIC 337926
The definitive history of Pink Floyd, one of the world's great bands, by founder member Ni...
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MUSIC 337854
The Drum Handbook gives you the in-depth knowledge you need to choose the whole range of g...
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MUSIC 337967
This is the definitive biography of Freddie Mercury, written by award-winning rock journal...
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MUSIC 338016
Like Bob Dylan and Neil Young, Waits is a chameleonic survivor who's achieved long-term su...
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MUSIC 337994
In this, the first book to take a big-picture view of the entire post punk period, acclaim...
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MUSIC 333260
Respected arts commentator Paul Morley, one of the team who curated the highly successful ...
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MUSIC 308502
In August 1964 The Kinks released their third single. After a little noticed debut and a f...
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MUSIC 333323
A surprising, informative, enlightening and at times outrageous must have guide to life fr...
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MUSIC 333307
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MUSIC 333264
Bruce Dickinson is the mighty voice behind legendary heavy metal behemoths Iron Maiden, an...
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MUSIC 333162
From Jimi Hendrix to Ed Sheeran, every guitar hero started somewhere - so stop dreaming an...
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MUSIC 330281
Michael Jackson: provocateur, icon, enigma. Who was he really? And how does his spectacul...
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MUSIC 329409
In Hip Hop Raised Me.® , DJ Semtex examines the crucial role of hip-hop in society toda...
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