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FILM 325062
The 1970s: that magical era betwixt the swinging '60s and the decadent '80s, the epoch of ...
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FILM 325053
From Aliens to Amadeus, get your fill of '80s nostalgia with this movie bible of all thing...
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FILM 321092
Colour the heroes, villains and vehicles of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, with 100 imag...
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FILM 295146
Relive the whole story of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey in this fantastic photo-fil...
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FILM 320981
Jack-the-lad, wheeler-dealer and international playboy (just ask the manageress of El Sid'...
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FILM 320957
Does power corrupt? Absolutely! Does the hunger and lust for absolute power course thro...
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FILM 318176
As the 20th century came to a close...All the 1990s movies most worth remembering. It was ...
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FILM 318297
501 Must-See Movies is divided into ten genres, with films appearing in chronological orde...
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FILM 318169
Back in the USSR 250 film posters capture the cultural energy of the pre-Stalin era At th...
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FILM 315604
Expert critics in each genre of film, from romance to horror and sci-fi, have once again p...
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FILM 312476
Get ready to quake in fear with this revised and expanded edition of our history of horror...
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FILM 308510
The Millennium Falcon gets the "Haynes" treatment! This is a "Haynes Manual" based on the...
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FILM 308509
The Bird-of-Prey is the classic Klingon starship - a tough raiding and scouting vessel tha...
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FILM 307100
The definitive guide to the decade when swinging London was the film capital of the world....
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FILM 306051
Take a front-row seat and witness the filmmaking magic that brought J.K. Rowling’s scri...
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FILM 305855
A decade characterized the rise of a new era in global politics and technology, the 2000s ...
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FILM 305171
Produced in collaboration with Lucasfilm and written by renowned Star Wars expert Pablo Hi...
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FILM 303824
Celebrate all things Star Wars decade-by-decade, year-by-year, month-by-month with Star Wa...
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FILM 299642
The Kubrick filesFrom the archives of cinematic geniusIn 1968, when Stanley Kubrick was as...
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FILM 299540
Star Trek: The Complete Unauthorized History is a loving and candid review of the fifty-ye...
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FILM 299437
If you want to know your Degoba from your Delos or your Ming from your Morlock, if you ...
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FILM 297509
Celebrate 50 years of Star Trek and explore one of the greatest science fiction universes ...
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FILM 297508
Join Alice as she returns to the big screen and to Underland. Alice's Adventures: The Comp...
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FILM 297013
There’s Santa Claus, Shakespeare, Mickey Mouse, the Bible, and then there’s Star Wars. ...
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